The Money Test

As a child of God, the sternest test for our qualification of the anointing of God, is the money test. If we are trustworthy with money matters, we are trustworthy with the anointing. The opposite is also true; if we are not trustworthy with money matters, we are not trustworthy with the anointing. The anointing is the most valuable commodity in the kingdom of God and it is the relationship that you possess with your finances that determines whether you are faithful with true riches, (the anointing).

You cannot be a servant of God and money. By serving money, we are saying that God is not our Master. How do we know whom we serve? The answer is in our response. Did you know that money speaks? It speaks to us whether we have an abundance of it or not. Just because we have an abundance of money doesn’t mean it’s not our master; it’s in how it’s speaking to you and how you’re replying.

Money is a spirit; it needs you, you don’t need it. Once you start needing something it becomes your master. We only need God; we don’t need the very thing He created. Based on Romans 8:22, creation (including money), is groaning for you to manifest yourself. Money is made to serve you, to amplify the kingdom of God and to be a blessing. Money knows that you are designed to rule and master it, not be its servant.

We must seek after God’s way of doing things. Money will seek after you when it knows that you are in right relationship with it. And in this, you are then qualified for true riches.

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