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I Am Willing To Be Challenged

We are all called to discipleship.

When you begin discipling people, you are going to a God-level. This is where you've been designed to live life.

Gideon was a man who didn't believe he was significant. He was at the lowest of lows; a place of crisis, just hoping to survive. The challenges in life are real, but it's that we must employ qualities and characteristics to help us get through these stages of life; from survivor, to success to significance. You may even find that one area of your life is significant, yet in other areas you may be surviving or successful.

No matter how we see ourselves, God always calls us by the way He sees us. We need to line ourselves up with the way God sees us. Too often, we try to explain and make sense of Truth from our experiences. We cannot do that. When we make our experiences more truthful than the Word, it tends toward the understanding that God is not good.

God didn't give place to Gideon's doubts and told him, "Go in this thy might". [Judges 6:14] We must be sensitive to what God is saying amongst our complaining. People say, the past is the past. But with God, we must deal with the past, otherwise we cannot move into our future in a healthy way.

Gideon's life is a testimony of how God can rescue us from being a zero to a hero; from a person of crisis to a person of significance. He has the power to change anyone as long as they work WITH Him. The kingdom of God cannot exist without people of crisis.

You have to begin to believe that where you are doesn’t define you as a person. You must become a person who is willing to be challenged, and then not take it personally, even though it is the most personal thing in your life. Gideon goes from coward to challenger (from crisis to success). Stop being a coward and become a challenger of what takes place in your life! Your challenge must take you to a place of sacrifice. If it doesn’t, it’s just you fighting against the process in your own strength. It is in the process of working through the challenge that you begin to do what God wants you to do and recognize that sacrifice is required. This then brings you through to the generosity of God and finally, the significance of God in your life.

The greatest discipler is the one that can replicate to their children the ways of God.

Sometimes, we don’t want to change our mindset because we've found out that we've been doing or saying something wrong. We’re afraid to be held responsible, owning up to what we said or did before our change of heart. It's time to stand up and be the Gideon that God has called you to be; the person He has called you to be.

God is the perfect Father who wants the best for us. All we need to do is work with Him, trust Him and believe Him.

Think about a crisis in your life, something you’re battling with. Make a choice to believe God’s promise in your life. Become a challenger, not a coward. And if you do that, God will take you to the other side.

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