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The Design of Money

Money was created by God, which means it has spiritual purpose and design. Money itself is neither good nor evil, but it takes on the character in whose hands it’s found. In your hands, righteous hands, money fulfills its purpose. It is, therefore, more crucial than ever that we manifest who we are as children of God.

The original design to obtain money was never through toil, but rather by speaking to it. If your concept of money is natural, you will attract it in the natural, which means it has to be achieved only through toil and hard work. The world says we must work hard for our money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If money is your servant, then it is hearing what you’re saying to it which means it has ears. If money is your master, it is telling you what to do with it, which means it also has a mouth to speak. Money is part of creation and we have been blessed and empowered to speak to it, to command it, master and rule it.

All material things have their beginnings in the spirit. As such, you cannot engage with money in the natural, otherwise you have become a slave to it. When you engage with it in the spirit realm, there are no limits. Everything we see comes out of the heart of God, including money, but the question is, have you become a servant or a slave to the very things He’s created you to have dominion over?

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