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Dreams Are Designed to Be Pursued

You are blessed for a purpose – to be a blessing to others. God has placed dreams, desires and visions in your heart and it is the blessing that empowers and allows us to fulfill these dreams.

Tragically, too many of us have put off or dulled the dreams God has given. We either forget them, we no longer believe in them or we move on as it’ll require too much effort and diligence on our part to pursue them. God places dreams inside each one of us for a purpose and it’s honorable as a child of God to pursue these dreams with passion to see that they be fulfilled.

Nothing happens by chance; everything we do is purposeful and is purposed by God. You must choose to make your God-given dreams come alive. One way to do this is by going back to your journals from last week or last year to remember what God has placed on your heart. You can also ask Holy Spirit to bring to your remembrance what He has spoken to you in times past. Nothing is ever lost or forgotten, but it is your pursuit that will make the difference.

The impact and purpose of yours dreams manifesting is not for you only, but it allows those around you to be drawn to Christ. God wants to do great exploits through each one of us, but we must cleave to hope and believe in the dreams God has given to us.

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