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A Right Relationship With God & Finances

Friends, do you find that you can be consumed with worry on the very things you need in your daily life to live? It is a high priority that our needs are met so that we can function in this world. But, sometimes we can be deceived in thinking that it’s our needs that are the issue, when really, it is in fact not a needs issue, but a money issue.

We can indeed live without money, but we cannot live without the necessities of life. There is a cost to living in this world and when we truly look at the issue of money, we find that we have reversed the role of our relationship with it. Instead of money being our servant, it has instead, become our master. And in this, we are saying that God is not our master, but money is. It’s a hard truth to receive as a child of God, but it’s very important in aligning ourselves with the Word of God. You may need food in your house because your cupboards are bare, but the truth of the matter is, you require finances to purchase food to fill your cupboards. The same goes for clothing, food and shelter.

Money is designed to be in righteous hands. God made you a master in the Garden of Eden and still, creation is waiting for us to rule, to manage and master it. Determine that what you see in your bank account is not how much you have as this is a natural viewpoint. Rather, determine that you are the master of money and it is required to be in your bank account for the sake of your needs, your dreams, your children’s future, and ultimately, the plan and purpose God has for your life. The outcome of right thinking in this area will change your life as money is in right relationship with you, and you are in right relationship with God.

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